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Thema: Civ 3 - Storm over Europe

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    Hi there

    [sorry for the English]

    Does anyone know when this Scenario will be posted?

    Simon10, welcome at Emoticon: badumtss

    As posted at many places, my time-table for the work on Civ 3 mods and scenarios was -and is - CCM2 => SOE => WW2 GlobalGold

    At christmas 2017 was the release of CCM2 (just in time), now I´m working at some correctures and updates of CCM2. If all is running well, I will start the work for SOE in February 2018, so the next version of SOE and WW2 Global Gold could be released later this year, depending on the free time I will have for this work. I have received some very nice new WW2 units, that at present are not published yet elsewhere, fitting very well to Wyrmshadow´s SOE units. Among those new units are the longtime missing Panzerjäger I (4,7 cm PAK (t) auf Pz.Kpfw. I Ausf. B) and the Jagdpanzer IV. The new model of the Jagdpanther is so nice that I will include it in the next upload of the updated CCM2 files.

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