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Thema: Dungeons & Dragons: Mystara

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    Dungeons & Dragons: Mystara

    Dungeons & Dragons: Mystara, created by tjedge1,
    can be downloaded again:


    This mod is one of the greatest fantasy mods ever done for Civ 3, holding a cornucopia of exotic and exciting units, that don´t have a place in normal Civ3 games.

    Unfortunately that mod was haunted by the closure of several hosting sites, the last one of them the SOC-site, the hurrican Rita and other RL-issues of the creator. With the great help of PaGe, who gave me a working version of that mod, combined with a documentation of the last patches of the biq and the rescue transfer from the last home of that mod, that tjedge1 linked in post one of his Dungeons & Dragons: Mystara thread, I was able to make the mod "reoperable" again. I haven´t achieved any contact to tjedge1, who left the Civilization scene since a longer time, but I hope he agrees, that his great work will become available to the civers again, as he never deleted the link in the first post of his thread.

    Here a lot of informations and screenshots can be found about tjedge1´s wonderful mod.

    The biq D&D-Mystara 19, holding the last known patch of that mod, should be the normal way to play the great mod of tjedge1. On my pc It loaded without crashes and performed well as long as I had the time to watch it.


    The Mystara worldmaps:

    The Mystara 100x100 and the 160x160 maps loaded without crashes after a small corection I had to do. If you play one of these two maps, you are well advised to severly limit the number of civs, as tjedge1 recommended it in the introduction to these maps.

    Achtung Spoiler:
    Here is a screenshot of the Mystara 100x100 map:

    The Mystara 270x280 worldmap is a great map, but it seems, that it was never finished. The original map, that was at the SOC-site, was a work in progress in Debug-mod, crashing imediately after loading. After importing the rules of the D&D-Mystara 19 biq, it can be started without crashes. I don´t had the time to look how it performs after a longer run of the game. May be someone, who has knowledge about the correct starting positions of the civs in D&D-Mystara can add these positions to the biq of the worldmap.

    I also attache the original biq of the 270x280 worldmap for modders who want to try to complete that map in positions, city locations and fixed rules.
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    Attached are the biqs for the Dungeons & Dragons: Mystara worldmaps:

    The d&d-mystara-world map is the 270x280 map with the imported "biq19"-rules.
    The d&d-mystara-world map-orig needs a lot of additional work and will crash when loaded
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