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    Inzwischen hat sich auf, der vor 3 Monaten von Jobe ins Leben gerufenen Civ-Fansite mit Multiplayer Schwerpunkt auf der ich als Autor mitarbeite einiges an Artikeln über diverse Aspekte von Civ angesammelt. Während die Artikel meist mit Bezug auf Multiplayer geschrieben sind, lassen sich doch viele Aspekte auch auf Singleplayer übertragen.
    Ich habe im Sinne der Übersichtlichkeit ein Inhaltverzeichnis unserer Posts erstellt, das ich hier - auch wenn die Seite englischsprachig ist - auch gerne zur Verfügung stellen würde.



    *Edit: 20.2.2010:* Nachdem sich nun weitere 20 Artikel angesammelt haben, wurde auch unsere Übersicht aktualisiert. Alle seitdem hinzu gekommenen Artikel sind mit *NEW* markiert.

    <h2><strong>Introductions into Civilization Multiplayer</strong></h2>
    Introductionary articles for players that are new to Civilization Multiplayer. They contain information on concepts of civilization that are not used in singleplayer but in multiplayer and introduce the common game formats in the multiplayer community.

    <a href="">A summary of the ways civ4 is played in multiplayer</a>

    <a href="">Civilization Multiplayer: city elimination, simultaneous turns and timer</a>

    <a href="">Useful Tools: Civ4Fans, Teamspeak and Hamachi</a>
    <h2><strong>General Articles on Civilization Multiplayer</strong></h2>
    <a href="">The Art of Attacking in Civilization Multiplayer</a>
    Extensive Article on how to attack best in Civ Multiplayer explaining underlying principles, the effects of terrain and culture. Shows and explains several strong ways of attacking, like direct hit, fork and culture bomb.

    <a href="">Defending in Civ MP</a>
    Counterpart of the article on attacking. Explains the importance of sentry network and culture, gives advice on how to plant your cities to provide good defense, block enemy moves and how to best counter approaching stacks.
    <a href="">Anti-Choke: Dealing with Warriors and Archers in Ancient</a>
    Guide on how to defend against units attacking you early in game. Gives detailed information on how to anticipate units coming for you and how to best protect your buildup.

    <a href="">Vision range and its role for offense and defense in civilization multiplayer</a>
    Describes the rules of vision range for units, which is very important for building up a sentry network for defense on the one hand and plan sneaky attacks on the other hand.

    <a href="">How to read the Power Graph in Demographics</a>
    Lists of power values of important units, average unit values in each era and guide on how to device the amount of enemy army from the demography screen.

    <a href="">Tricks #1: The Culture Bug</a>
    Explains the use of the so called culture bug, that allows you to build culture and a unit/building in the same turn. This is a common (and important) part of later era games.

    <a href="">The Art of Boating</a>
    Article on efficieny and different ways of attacks via sea (commonly called boating). Gives advice on when boating makes sense and how to do so best.

    <a href="">Putting a Great General to good use</a>
    Explains the diffent ways a Great Geneal can be used.

    <span style="color:#ff0000;">*NEW*</span> <a href="">The Happiness Cap</a> <span style="color:#ff0000;">*NEW*</span>
    Explanations of the concept of the "happiness cap" and its impact on the game and possible strategy.

    <span style="color:#ff0000;">*NEW*</span> <a href="">Components of Score</a> <span style="color:#ff0000;">*NEW*</span>
    Article on how score is calculated, what it can tell you and when and how it effects your strategy.

    <a href="">Traits in ffa and Ironman</a>
    About the individual usefulness of traits for ffa and Ironman type games and how you have to adopt your game style to those traits in order to put them to full use.

    <a href="">Maps, Difficulty, Settings – how to adapt</a>
    Description of what impact different maps and other options like difficulty have on the game, how you need to adopt your game style to that and what influence that has on how good the different traits and civs are, with a special focus on choice of civ.

    <a href="">Interaction of traits and choice of leader</a>
    Article explaining how the traits interact with each other, why certain combinations aren´t good and two good traits dont make a good leader and what combinations can be useful in which situation.

    <a href="">When to attack and NOT attack</a>
    Guidelines on what circumstances are necessary for a war to make sense in a Ironman/cton/ffa game with special distinction from duels and teamers.
    <h2><strong>Introductions into later Eras (non ancient start)</strong></h2>
    Most players only know Civilization games starting in ancient era. However in multiplayer every era is used as starting era, to enjoy all parts civ while keeping games within a reasonable timeframe.
    The buildup principles and strategies for later era starts are obviously very different from ancient (especially Renaissance and later). The articles of this category explain the basic buildup principles for their specific era and give an overview of common strategies in order to introduce players into those eras, that are new to them.

    <a href="">Renaissance Start, especially in Multiplayer Teamer</a>

    <a href="">Modern &amp; Future Start, especially in Multiplayer Teamers</a>

    <span style="color:#ff0000;">*NEW*</span><a href=""> Introduction into Industrial</a> <span style="color:#ff0000;">*NEW*</span>

    <span style="color:#ff0000;">*NEW*</span> <a href="">Introduction into Medieval</a> <span style="color:#ff0000;">*NEW*</span>
    <h2>Series MP Strategies</h2>
    This series features strategies for actual ingame situations relying on our theoretical raw material in the general articles. The strategies are common or actually not so common ones, that are actually used in exactly that fashion by top players in CCC as well as regular games.

    <span style="color:#ff0000;">*NEW*</span> <a href="">Medi 3v3 - "The Hammer"</a> <span style="color:#ff0000;">*NEW*</span>
    Strategy for a massive slow stack attack with a leathal mix of Cho-Ko-Nu, Samurai, Macemen,War Elephants, Pikemen, Catapults and Trebuchets shortly before the opponent reaches Knights in a 3v3 Medieaval Inland Sea Teamer.

    <span style="color:#ff0000;">*NEW*</span> <a href="">Ironman/ffa - "Cav Upgrade Rush"</a> <span style="color:#ff0000;">*NEW*</span>
    Strategy for quickly and cheaply killing an techonologically inferior opponent in an Ironman/ffa game with a stack of Cavalry mostly upgraded from Knights.

    <h2><strong>Other Strategy Articles</strong></h2>
    <a href="">About the Expansive Trait</a>
    Math behind and use of the strongest trait in ancient start, noble difficulty.

    <a href="">A Flop5 of Unique Units</a>

    <a href="">A Top7 of Unique Units</a>
    <h2><strong>National Wonders</strong></h2>
    <a href="">National Wonders #1: Flop3</a>

    <span style="color:#ff0000;">*NEW*</span><a href=""> National Wonders #2: Top3</a> <span style="color:#ff0000;">*NEW*</span>

    <span style="color:#ff0000;">*NEW*</span> <a href="">National Wonders #3: Good. Basic. Not Game Breaking.</a> <span style="color:#ff0000;">*NEW*</span>
    <h2><strong>Series Civics in Focus</strong></h2>
    Each part explains one branch of the Civics menu. The articles contain the effects and requirements of each Civic, explain in which game formats and in which situations they can be used and give short introductions into how they can be put to their best effect.

    <a href="">I. Government</a>
    <a href="">II. Legal</a>
    <a href="">III. Labor</a>
    <span style="color:#ff0000;">*NEW*</span> <a href="">IV. Economy</a> <span style="color:#ff0000;">*NEW*</span>
    <span style="color:#ff0000;">*NEW*</span> <a href="">V. Religion</a> <span style="color:#ff0000;">*NEW*</span>
    <h2><strong>Series Good UB - Bad UB</strong></h2>
    Series on Unique Buildings. Each Part evalutates two to 4 unique buildings, explaining in what situations they can be used and why they are useful there - or otherwise why they are not.

    Introductory post of each Part:
    There are no just good or just bad buildings
    Even though the title suggests different, there are basically no just good or just bad unique buildings (and units). Every UB and UU has to be evaluated in the context of the game settings and overall strategy it´s supposed to be used in. A (fictional) unique unit archer that gets +100% against melee units is useless in an game played on Islands, where you have no (military) contact with your opponents until Astronomy is researched and archers are long obsolete. A unique building is good if it significantly supports a (playable) strategy.

    <a href="">#1 Research Institute, Terrace</a>
    <a href="">#2 Salon, Hippodrome</a>
    <a href="">#3 Mint, Ger</a>
    <a href="">#4 Forum, Baray</a>
    <a href="">#5 Pavilion, Stele, Rathaus, Ikhanda</a>
    <a href="#6 Assembly Plant, Mausoleum, Hammam, Ball Court">#6 Assembly Plant, Mausoleum, Hammam, Ball Court</a>
    <a href="">#7 Obelisk, Odeon</a>
    <a href="">#8 Dun, Citadel, Totem Pole</a>
    <a href="">#9 Apothecary, Garden, Dike</a>
    <span style="color:#ff0000;">*NEW*</span> <a href="">#10 Cothon, Trading Post, Feitoria</a> <span style="color:#ff0000;">*NEW*</span>
    <span style="color:#ff0000;">*NEW*</span> <a href="">#11 Madrassa, Sacrificial Altar, Stock Exchange, Seowon, Mall, Ziggurat</a> <span style="color:#ff0000;">*NEW*</span>
    <h2><strong>The Fastmoves Challenge</strong></h2>
    Fastmoves multiplayer related edition of the game of the month, with video analysis on the best possible approach afterwards.

    <a href="">#1 Robinson Crusoe´s thirst for knowledge</a>
    <a href="">Video Solution</a>

    <a href="">#2 Montezuma´s Revenge</a>

    <span style="color:#ff0000;">*NEW*</span> <a href="">#3 Smart Ragnar</a> <span style="color:#ff0000;">*NEW*</span>
    <h2><strong>Concept Ideas</strong></h2>
    Articles on conceptional ideas for Civilization, like new functions for building or guidelines for mapskripting.

    <a href="">#1 Building: Assembly Line</a>

    <a href="">#2 City Commerce and Specialization</a>

    <a href="">#3 Mapdesign for Multiplayer Civ</a>
    <a href="">Single Player Funkiness</a>

    <a href="">4 city Ancient buildup with Shaka</a>

    <span style="color:#ff0000;">*NEW*</span> <a href="">Report on CCC Playoff Match between clans [RUS] and [PPP]</a> <span style="color:#ff0000;">*NEW*</span>
    <h2><strong>Not Gameplay related Stuff</strong></h2>
    <a href="">Civilization Network – a commentary</a>

    <span style="color:#ff0000;">*NEW*</span> <a href="">New Mapscript: fm_Mirror_Inland_Sea1</a> <span style="color:#ff0000;">*NEW*</span>
    <h2><strong>Echoes from the Civ World</strong></h2>
    <a href="">Echos from the Civ World #1</a>

    <span style="color:#ff0000;">*NEW*</span> <a href="">Announcement of Civilization 5</a> <span style="color:#ff0000;">*NEW*</span>

    <span style="color:#ff0000;">*NEW*</span><a href=""> Civilization 5: First info and screenshots</a> <span style="color:#ff0000;">*NEW*</span>

    <span style="color:#ff0000;">*NEW*</span> <a href="">Civilization 5: "1-unit-per-tile" concept</a> <span style="color:#ff0000;">*NEW*</span>

    <span style="color:#ff0000;">*NEW*</span> <a href="">Civilization 5: trailer by 2k.Games</a> <span style="color:#ff0000;">*NEW*</span>

    <span style="color:#ff0000;">*NEW*<span style="color:#000000;"> <a href="">Civilization 5: All known Civ5 Facts</a> <span style="color:#ff0000;">*NEW* </span></span>
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    Civ IV Strategie Guide Allgemeiner Civ Singleplayer Guide für Spielstufen Prinz und König Alles über Civilization Multiplayer für Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene.

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    Da wir grade unsere Leseblibliothek überarbeitet haben und alle neuen Artikel eingefügt, habe ich auch hier den Beitrag aktualisiert.


    Meine Strategiehilfen:
    Civ IV Strategie Guide Allgemeiner Civ Singleplayer Guide für Spielstufen Prinz und König Alles über Civilization Multiplayer für Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene.

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    Tolle Infos, toller Seitenaufbau!

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    Hallo Shizanu ,

    das klingt sehr interessant und ich würde mir gerne den ein oder anderen Artikel anschauen.
    Das Inhaltsverzeichnis wird bei mir allerdings seltsam dargestellt. Sieht nach HTML Code aus. Hat das eventuell mit der Erneuerung des Forums zu tun?
    Ich kenn mich da nicht so gut aus, aber vielleicht kannst du als Ersteller das ja mit wenigen Handgriffen editieren?

    Das wär super!


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    Hi Hambut,

    Ich kann dir zwar nicht mit dem Post oben helfen, aber sein Post bei den Civfanatics ist korrekt.

    Geh halt über den Umweg..
    Civfanatics links zu Seiten


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