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Print Screen from CCM2.4
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There are several Dreadnought WWII units, that have wrong links in the unit´s_PRO_entries. The reason was, that I wanted to give the newest files of CCM2 to the players of the CFC succession game bevore I went into my vacancies and forgot to readjust the placeholder links for those units. So the game with CCM 2.4 demads units that are not existing. All these errors are (hopefully) fixed with the new CCM 2.45 mainfile and the new Conquest biq (based on the CCM 2.45 biq) and the CCM 2.45 biq if you only want to play this mod as a scenario in the scenarios folder.

For the succession player at CFC I made a first patch thqat allows them to play until tech Interwar periode, and as they now are reaching that tech I will do a second patch that allows them to continue playing by fixing those WW Ii Dreadnoughts PRTO_links with dummy units, that the biq 2.4 is demanding.

As said, all these errors should be fixed with the CCM 2.45 mainfile and the new biqs, but for using them, you have to start a new game.