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Thema: "Australian Summer Update" + DLC sind da

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    *Platz für Ihre Werbung* Avatar von Maximo der X-te
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    "Australian Summer Update" + DLC sind da

    Von hier



    Multiplayer Teams have been added to Civilization VI and this feature builds on updates to the Alliance agreement. Players on teams gain additional benefits (beyond those of an alliance), as follows:
    When one teammate finishes research on a tech or civic, their teammate(s) receive a boost for that tech or civic.
    Teammates share war status against opponents not on their team.
    Teammates share allied status with opponents not on their team.
    Teammates work together to win or lose the game as a single entity. The Religion and Culture Victories have been reworked so they are more cooperative.
    The Religion Victory requires you to convert all civs to ONE of the religions started by your team.
    The Culture Victory requires ONE member of your team to be culturally dominant over all players NOT on your team.
    Updated lobby and in-game UI to better show Additional Content details.
    Added Sid Meier’s Civilization VI Development Tools, which includes ModBuddy, Tools, FireTuner, and the Steam Workshop Uploader.
    ModBuddy: A packaging and development tool.
    Art/Asset Tools: Import FBX files into a format usable by the game, as well as customize existing art.
    FireTuner: In-game debugging and editing tool.
    Added Sid Meier’s Civiliation VI Development Assets, which includes the game art assets. This is a large download (approximately 7GB compressed download and 27GB on disk) which contains game assets, including models, textures, and interface elements.
    Access mods created by the Steam community via Steam Workshop
    Share your mods with the Steam community with the Steam Workshop uploader.

    ModBuddy will also receive additional updates in the future, as part of a modding SDK update later. These tools do not include DLL source for Civilization VI at this time.


    Added True Start Location feature, where civs start on the world map at their geographic origin.
    Added a City-State slider to game setup.


    Start position and map generation has been tuned.
    Updated ice generation to allow more for circumnavigation.
    Commercial Hub and Harbor both provide +1 Trade Route capacity, but only the first one applies (used to stack for +2 capacity total).
    Units that are embarked now use an era-based strength value instead of their base combat value.
    Many of the techs that reveal strategic resources have been changed to reveal the resource before it is needed to build a resource-dependent unit.
    Players can now build obsoleted units if they do not have access to the strategic resource required by the upgrade unit.
    Tech Tree balance. Adding several prerequisites to address paths through the tree that were too quick and led to era transitions too early.
    Horseback Riding now requires Archery. Archery is no longer a leaf tech.
    Stirrups is now in the late Medieval era and costs 390 (was early Medieval and cost 300).
    Industrialization now requires Square Rigging.
    Scientific Theory now requires Banking.
    Steel now requires Rifling.
    Computers now requires Radio.
    Updated the cost and strength of some Air units.
    Change movement rules after disembarkation. Cannot land on shore with more movement than your Land Movement allowance.
    Updated Vikings Scenario to 60 turns.


    Increased desire and ability to use nukes and aircraft, and maintain a standing military. General AI attack improvements.
    Increased desire to declare friendship.
    Reduced frequency of “your troops are on my border“ warning.
    Updated settlement preferences.
    Barbarians now rampage when their camp is destroyed.
    Will now liberate minor civs and cities of current allies.
    Tuned strategic and luxury resource trading.
    Will now be more aware of gold income, and work to bring in more.
    Support units will recognize that they are not under threat if they share a hex with a friendly unit.
    Added a grace period of 2 turns after the end of open borders before the AI starts complaining you're too close to their territory.
    Barbarians may now pillage tiles to heal.
    AI will now continue to research repeatable techs and civics.


    Kongo relics no longer get multiplied Faith yields if more than one is in the same building
    Fixed some bugs with Great People not interacting correctly with Vikings natural wonders.
    Sumeria will no longer share joint war experience with a player when killing barbarians.
    Corrected tourism calculation from National Parks to ensure correct awarding.
    Fixed an issue where you could sometimes not offer Joint War.
    Spies will not have the Steal Tech mission available when you have already completed all techs.
    City States gain territory for influence even if they get the influence before founding their city.
    When a player is destroyed, his captured spies die with him.
    All of your active spy missions stop in a city that you or an ally has just captured.
    Fixed problem in tactical combat that was preventing units from capturing builders
    You are no longer allowed to declare war on declared friends (or in an enforced peace period) from the "troops near me" warning.
    Increased Jet Fighter and Jet Bomber sight range (up from 2 to 5).
    Additional bug fixes.


    Added snow environmental VFX.
    Added sand environmental VFX.


    Added “Turn Unready” button.


    Added more bindable keys (Toggle Resource Icons, Toggle Tourism Lens, Alert action).
    Added a notification for when a player loses territory to a culture bomb.


    Adding some missing UI sounds.
    Added VO, and updated quotes, for three Natural Wonders.
    Added VO to Natural Wonders while in the scenario.


    Credits updated.
    Fixed some missing ARX images.
    Updating game concepts for City-States, Trade Routes, and Great People. Explained some things that were not there before (ex. Patronage, gold income for foreign routes passing through city), as well as some clarifications.
    Australia Civilization & Scenario Pack

    The team is often asked how they get their ideas for the civilizations in the game. The answer is: they listen to the community! Kongo was added to Civilization VI, as it was the most-requested civ by the community at the end of Civilization V. Australia has been a consistent top pick by our fans, and now appears in a Civilization game for the first time as premium DLC for Civilization VI.

    John Curtin was Australia’s Prime Minister during World War II, and is credited with providing both strong leadership of the country at that time, as well as establishing the country to take its place in the post-war international order. In Civilization VI, his ability “Citadel of Civilization” gives Australia bonus production when they are targeted for war.

    Australia is a civ that gets bonus housing for coastal cities, bonuses for building Districts on attractive terrain, and additional production if targeted for war. Australia’s unique unit is the Digger (which replaces Infantry), and their unique improvement is the Outback Station. Australia can grow and thrive in places where other civs would struggle. The Outback Tycoon scenario is a unique, non-combat scenario where you will try to enrich your new territory in a randomly-generated Australian interior. And Uluru comes to Civilization VI, bringing religion and culture to the territory that surrounds it.

    Civ Unique Ability: Australian coastal cities always receive extra Housing. Pastures also trigger the Culture Bomb effect, grabbing adjacent tiles from other civs and City-States. Yields from Campuses, Commercial Hubs, Holy Sites and Theater Squares are enhanced in attractive terrain.
    John Curtin Unique Ability: John Curtin’s unique ability is called “Citadel of Civilization.” Australia gets bonus production at the start of a Defensive War, and when it liberates a city.
    Digger: Australia’s unique unit is the Digger, which gets bonuses to combat on land tiles adjacent to water and when fighting outside their territory.
    Outback Station: Unique tile improvement that unlocks with the Guilds civic, and can be upgraded with Steam Power and Rapid Deployment. It provides food and production, with bonus food for adjacent Pastures.
    ‘Outback Tycoon’ Scenario
    In this 60 turn non-combat scenario, you race to explore Australia, find its natural resources, and use them to enrich your colony. This competitive economic scenario has no combat. It emphasizes exploration and territorial expansion to increase your Gold per Turn net income, which is your score.
    Uluru Natural Wonder: This desert Wonder provides bonus Faith and Culture to Adjacent tiles.
    Geändert von Maximo der X-te (24. Februar 2017 um 02:18 Uhr)
    Alle meine Aussagen sind falsch, auch diese hier.

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    Habs auch grad zufällig mitbekommen, als ich auf der Couch eingeschlafen bin, und grad ins Bett wollte und grad noch den laufenden PC auzuschalten. Da meldet er das Civ-Update mit 1,5 GB. Und jetzt muss ich die paar Minuten auch noch abwarten.

    Immer dasselbe...da wartet man lange auf Patches, und dann kommen wieder 2 fast zeitgleich. Heut Civ, vor wenigen Stunden das HoI4 der 1.3(.3) final.

    Und eigentlich spiele ich seit dem großen 2.0 Update ja endlich meine 2te größere Partie GalCiv3. Da soll man bei dem Gedränge mal wissen was man am WE spielen soll. Die sollen ihre Patch-Releases abgesprochen endlich mal 3-4 Wochen auseinander halten....furchtbar sowas!
    Geändert von X_MasterDave_X (24. Februar 2017 um 02:28 Uhr)

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    Ob die scheintote KI von Civ6 nun wirklich viel besser sein wird? Bei den mageren Sätzen zur AI? ->

    unter [AI TUNING] das einzige was auf Kampf KI Verbesserungen hinweist
    -General AI attack improvements.

    Die ganzen AI Verbsesserungen grad mal 12 Zeilen lang. :/

    Wow...echt sehr vielsagend Firaxis!!!!

    Da lob ich mir doch Paradox. Die haben dem vor wenigen Stunden erschienenden 1.3.3 HoI4 Patch folgendes an AI Änderungen zu vermelden:

    Achtung Spoiler:

    # AI
    - Italy AI should now be better at picking proper units to fight in Ethiopia.
    - AI is now inclined to ignore non-dangerous fronts while at war.
    - Battle plan AI should no longer "forget" units assigned to attack order.
    - Made AI better at dynamically evaluating level of preparation to attack based on expected enemy strength.
    - AI should no longer be able to give units ridiculously long retreat or move orders while they are in combat.
    - The AI should now be a lot better at handling a surrounded enemy capital.
    - AI is less spammy with call to arms and join war requests.
    - Battle plan AI unit distribution should now be more stable (though even further improvements would be good).
    - AI will no longer declare wars on countries that control no territory, even if they technically exist in a limbo while their faction have not lost a war.
    - The AI should now be managing its theaters better.
    - AI will now start considering buildup of military constructions after a while, even if peaceful and not directly threatened.
    - Naval AI will now attempt to use strike fleets to aid in coastal land combats if they are not on a mission to aid in a naval combat.
    - Some minor AI optimizations.
    - AI occupation policy is now scriptable, though no scripts for this has been added.
    - Repaired a mistake in AI diplo for offering someone to join their faction. Threat from wrong side was used when looking at acceptance.
    - Made sure AI considers org when performing naval invasions.
    - Eat your vegetables before you get dessert: AI will no longer be declaring wars or justifying claims while in a losing war.
    - The AI can now build any scripted building that is a part of an established building category.
    - Made sure AI can not send parts of equipment. Half a ship is not particularly useful.
    - Fixed a serious issue where AI would never counter resistance with area defense orders, completely ignoring conquered territory.
    - AI is now less nervous about neighbors fighting a common enemy and not losing.
    - Purged unit_base, as it did nothing apart from making scripting harder. unit_ratio is now the end all an be all of unit production in the scripting, and setting it to anything but a positive value will make the AI NOT build it.
    - AI will now remove deployment lines for types it has reached its wanted number for.
    - Improved the code behind AI template design, so the scripting should make more sense now.
    - Minor tweaks to terrain prio when drawing fallback line which should make the go for mountains more.
    - Battle plan AI is now capable of finding more complex paths to front position.
    - Some balancing to construction AI focused on improving military industry production.
    - Made AI better at calculating supply use when deciding how many divisions it can field.
    - Made sure AI is not blocked from researching, even if only crap is left. Script can still set AI desire to 0 to block it.
    - Improved naval AI region evaluation and made it better at reacting more efficiently to changing situations.
    - AI now considers reinforcement priority for volunteer theater.
    - Improved deployment AI to manage lines better and improved calculation of desired number of divisions.
    - Added ai_strategy type 'support' that can be used to manipulate a countries desire to send lend lease to another country.
    - Added will_lead_to_war_with when Germany demands Sudetenland. Makes AI prepare for a possible war.
    - Improvements for air AI airwings picking and distribution
    - Now air AI considers AA while prioritizing strategic bombing and defense operations
    - AI should no longer be so happy on naval construction over military when it had also alot of civilian industry (hello USA)
    - AI can now reprioritize production lines in a few cases to deal with resource lack
    - AI us now makes use of more civilian factories when needed for trade
    - fixed a case where AI would get sidetracked when designing divisions of specific country type and instead attempt to make generic ones
    - added "ai_priority" on battalion types that get calculated by template, ai uses these rather than the visual representation to manage its divisions
    - AI is now able to send old equipment as lend lease not just its newest
    - AI can now cancel lend leases it can no longer afford or with nations it no longer make sense
    - made AI more careful with its stockpile and who to lend lease to
    - improved logic for AI's lend leasing
    - fixed issue where a big difference in scoring of combat width could make AI refuse to upgrade its divisions
    - USA should now lend lease soviets when they are in trouble if they have sufficient spare stockpile
    - "support" ai strategy now lets nations lend lease away some of their stockpile buffer too
    - fixed a case where AI would fail to deploy its main invasion protect fleet completely if some of the areas were out of range
    - fixed AI invadability evaluation sometimes failing on naval path checking
    - fixed a case where AI would try to split off fleets when it was not valid
    - fixed a case where AI would spam invalid naval moves
    - added equipment_stockpile ai strategy that lets you affect how much stockpile ai feels it needs
    - all nations with many divisions will now attempt to accumulate bigger stockpiles for safety
    - Fixed several cases where overflow of calcualted priorities could make AI do the opposite of what it wanted to do
    - Now air ai calls recalculation of air priorities on joining a war
    - fixed an issue where air AI would fail to assign mission if the only acceptable one was interception
    - fixed a case where Japan would ASK to join germanys wars despite doing badly with china
    - nations with restrictive modifiers for joining factions (japan) now super careful about accepting calls to arms to majors (soviet) when still at war with major neighbors (china)
    - ai should now no longer get stuck on super large trades and better fulfill its needs (basically skipped the full-trade logic)
    - AI now looks for trades in priority order of biggest lack
    - AI now prefers trade with closer nations if naval transport required
    - AI now likes trading with nations with neutral foreign policy more as they are stable
    - lend lease now automatically cancels when war ends for the receiver
    - AI is now MUCH better at looking at the equipment cost for switching more templates than just one at a time
    - AI cares about infrastructure way more when placing consctruction
    - AI should no longer go as happy on naval construction over military (was counting ratio also using civilian so got disproportional large naval part)
    - AI us now allowed to trade using more civilian factories
    - Ai should now be much better at going for medium tank divisions. Fixed issues with width being off as well as wrong template being used when evaluatign fitness for changing out lines
    - rebalanced ai priorities for medium vs light armor so that ai doesnt get stuck thinking its making light when it isnt
    - fixed a case where AI was looking at the wrong type when deciding about template upgrades and could get stuck on motorized
    - AI should now show greater interest in researching excavation tech.
    - Tweaked templates a bit for majors to avoid getting trapped in subpar targets
    - Allied AI will no longer guarantee Finland if Soviet justifies war on their claims, while Germany is the biggest threat.
    - fixed an issue where some scripted ai strategies would not work after updates (it was order dependant)
    - added an AI sanity check to the War with the USSR focus for Germany
    - Reduced AI research randomness and improved info in AI research log message
    - Made sure AI considers convoy count and possible delivery route before sending lend lease
    - AI will now leave potentially hostile nations alone for guarantees until they have generated some actual threat giving you 1-2 smaller wars before you are sucked into the ww2 vortex (makes some minors a lot more playable)
    - rebalanced ai priorities for medium vs light armor so that ai doesnt get stuck thinking its making light when it isnt
    - fixed a case where AI was looking at the wrong type when deciding about template upgrades and could get stuck on motorized
    - Improved AI trade law logic selection
    - AI now has a can_upgrade_in_field trigger on templates to give it hints on when to stop producing light tanks and switch over to medium for stuff

    Das ganze zum 1.3.3 final ist sogar 5x so lang, und das ohne DLC Ankündigung die alleine schon 50% der Patchneuerungen ausmachen.


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    Leonberg, BW
    Wobei solche Paradox-Spiele den Vorteil haben, dass die Map immer gleich bleibt. Aber wenigstens bemühen sie sich ernsthaft drum, ihre KI zu verbessern.

    Zum Patch:
    Archery is no longer a leaf tech.
    Das sollte dafür sorgen, dass die KI diese Technologie öfters erforscht. Das wurde bisher durch eine bestimmte Mod geändert, um die KI zu verbessern, aber schön dass Firaxis das jetzt auch übernommen hat.

    Barbarians now rampage when their camp is destroyed.
    Soll das heißen, dass die Barbaren aus Rache öfter plündern, wenn man ihre Camps vernichtet?

    Added VO, and updated quotes, for three Natural Wonders.
    Ich hatte schon befürchtet, dass die Sprachsynchronisation für die Wikinger-Wunder nie kommen würde.

    Edit: Mods lassen sich nicht abstellen! Wenn man sie im Spiel disabled, haben sie dennoch Auswirkungen auf das Spiel. Bug!!! Oder vielleicht doch nicht?
    Geändert von Tiramisu (24. Februar 2017 um 05:51 Uhr)
    Tritt dem REICH bei und werde Teil von etwas Großem!

    Achtung Spoiler:
    ... =+77~~~~~:::::::::::~::::::::::::~:::::~~~=II== . .             
               . . ,
    NM~:~~~~~::::::::,,::::::::~~::::,:::::~::~:~NM, .              
               .. .,
    MM~~~~:::==~:::::,::==::,::==:,,::::::::::~:~MM, ..             
                .  ,
    MM:~:::::??=:::::::::::::,:::,,::::::::::::~:MM,     . . ....   
                .  ,
    MM:~::::::~,:::::::::::,:::DMMM?:::~I?:::::~:MM,.=MMMM.    . .  
                .  ,
    MM:~::,,:,:::::::::::::,+MNI++?ZND,,:::,:::~:MMNMZ+++?NM:. ...  
      ,  .. .    ..:
    MM:~::::::::::::::::::::=MM???+OMD::::::~::~~MMMMO????MM:   .   
    MMMMMMMMM  ..,MM:~::::::::::::::??::::=MM????++IMZ,::::::~~MMI??????MM:   .   
    MMOZZZZMM+?, ,MM:~::::::::::::::==:,::=MM???????OI???????IIZ$?++????MM:   .   
    MMZZ7I+Z7MMI?IMM:~:::::::~~~:::::,::::=MM????????I$$7$7$7$$+II?I????MM:   .   
    MMMMO????MMMMMMM:~::,::::+I~:,::::::::=MM????????????????????++?II??MM:  ...  
    . . 
    MMNMM?+??OMMMM:~::::~:::::::::,~??8MO???????????+?++?????++??+II????OMM ..  
    . .  .:
    NMMM??++IMM:~::+I?:::,:::::::,:ZM8=+I???: ,MO?+?????????, ~MM?I??OMM .   
      ...   .
      ...  ..??
      ....  .... 
               . . :
    MM~~~~=~::::::::::::::::+MM???????MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMOI??+MM~. ...  
    8O8OOO?==+++++==++++=+++??+==NM7II$I7I7I7II7II77III7I7$$ .        
    NN7++??MMMM?.,MM7?+?7MM....... ...MM7++?IMM, +MM+???8MI..  ..        
    MMZ777$NMII~ .MMZ$7$7I+, . .     .?7I$77OMM..:I?7$$$I?=.             
    NMMMMMMMM. ..:MMMMMMI   . .      ,. IMMMMMM~ ,..MMMM: ,. 

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    Da haben sich wohl doch ein paar einen Wecker für heute Nacht gestellt
    Ceterum censeo Zeckenem esse claudendam.

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    Registrierter Benutzer
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    Guten Morgen. Die Patch-Notes auf deutsch.

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    Registrierter Benutzer Avatar von El Ssid
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    Mit Blick auf AI, UI und Balance ist mir das viel zu wenig und einfach nur enttäuschend...
    Dafür schmeiße ich die Kiste vermutlich nicht an.
    Es wird langsam Zeit für einen Thread namens "Make Civ great again".
    So sad.

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    Hä? Spiel doch erstmal und guck.
    Ceterum censeo Zeckenem esse claudendam.

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    Zitat Zitat von Piruparka Beitrag anzeigen
    Hä? Spiel doch erstmal und guck.
    Gibt es ein Problem?
    Manche Dinge erschließen sich schon alleine durchs lesen, es sei denn es gab auch noch undokumentierte Änderungen.

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    Gab es. Lesen heißt lösen. Da steht "weitere Bug-Fixes". So wurde beispielsweise der Sentry-Button repariert.

    Immer dieses Gemotze ey. Generation Facebook
    Ceterum censeo Zeckenem esse claudendam.

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    Registrierter Benutzer Avatar von marchueff
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    Zitat Zitat von Piruparka Beitrag anzeigen
    Hä? Spiel doch erstmal und guck.
    Das würde wohl auch nicht helfen. Wenn man aufsteht und sich fest vornimmt, dass der Tag scheiße wird, dann wird der Tag auch scheiße. Da können noch so gute Dinge passieren ...

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    Urban Explorer Avatar von Klangwerk
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    Da bin ich ja mal gespannt heute abend nach feierabend. Ich lass auf der arbeit den depri raushängen, damit ich früher gehen kann ;-)
    Wenn Musik die Nahrung der Liebe ist, so spielt fort. Melodien wollen geboren werden.

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    Urban Explorer Avatar von Klangwerk
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    ai+ und cqui werde ich dann später mal deaktivieren und testen was sich getan hat. freue mich schon auf eure erfahrungsberichte.
    Wenn Musik die Nahrung der Liebe ist, so spielt fort. Melodien wollen geboren werden.

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    Zitat Zitat von Klangwerk Beitrag anzeigen
    Da bin ich ja mal gespannt heute abend nach feierabend. Ich lass auf der arbeit den depri raushängen, damit ich früher gehen kann ;-)
    Guter Plan, das versuche ich auch.
    Ceterum censeo Zeckenem esse claudendam.

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    Zitat Zitat von Piruparka Beitrag anzeigen
    Hä? Spiel doch erstmal und guck.
    Wieso? Wenn man mit dem Ursprungstitel schon nicht zufrieden war, sollte man das eigentlich eher NICHT kaufen und schauen, letztlich sind verkaufszahlen am Ende Bestätigung (oder nicht) des Spielinhaltes und der Verkaufspolitik. Ich wünschte mir, ich hätte Civ6 nicht direkt bei Release gekauft, aber jeder langt mal in die Schüssel. Ist wie bei Early Access auch. Man muss nach Jahren mal wieder auf die Schnauze fliegen, um zu voreiliges Kaufen einzustellen

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